Leadership for Westside Community Church is entrusted to a small group we call the
Vision Team.
Their primary task is to consider where God is leading his ministry here at Westside. Through the
visioning process, they look ahead to help determine priorities and overall direction for the church. They watch over our current ministry efforts, evaluating for effectivenss and quality. A final role they fulfill is administring organizational functions such as facility operations, financial oversite, and staff management. Each of these responsibilities are guided by our mission to Share Jesus.
A total of fifteen individuals make up the Vision Team. Thirteen lay people from the church family serve in two groups. Half of them hold fixed positions on the team and the other half fill rotating positions. Our two pastors also serve as a part of team.

Vision Team Members

Pastor Dennis and Karen Aud                                                 Pastor Robert Vester
Pete King
Doug and Luann Thomas                                                       Justin Miller
Jon and Meryn Rathert                                                            Ken and Hedy George
Eric Notestine